U.V Barrier

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U .V Barrier Insulation Wrap | UV-505

UV-505 is a u.v barrier insulation wrap is made of U.V material with U.V adhesive on one sides. It is has a low mass to air ratio, which effectively blocks the UV rays transfer. The upper surface of the UV barrier insulation wrap blocks 96% to 99% UV rays- received by the surface of the insulation area . The placement of UV barrier shall be in the manner to provide an air tight cladding for its effective utilization. ‘UV Barrier Insulation Wrap ’ is best in its class . flexible, easy to fabricate and install, low cost and long lasting performance.


  • High performance adhesive with very high initial and final adhesion, and high aging resistance
  • Excellent for interior and exterior duct insulation
  • Can also be applied to rectangular round, pipes (straight runs, bends, intersections)
  • moisture resistant & Moisture tight seams
  • UV-resistant, & flexible
  • protection to the existing seam bonding
  • Easy to install & Cost effective.

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