Tapes are widely used in Automotive Sectors. These tapes are used for Masking, Protection, lamination, Jointing, Insulation (Cold & Electrical), Holding or Mounting purpose while making automobiles & its accessories.

We make these tapes from different kinds of glues & base material as per customer\'s specifications & Applications

The Products used for Automotive Sector :

  • Foam & Felt Lamination Tapes are made with two sided adhesive coating (acrylic or rubber adhesive) on tissue paper/Films/Cloth.
  • Masking Tapes with different kinds of grades like general purpose, high tack and high temperature resistance are made with crape paper. Fine line masking Tapes with film backing are also available.
  • Surface Protection Tapes made from paper or film for metal painted body, plastics, glass & carpet.
  • Foam Tapes (Single Side & Double Side Adhesive Coated) with different kinds of thickness & adhesives are made as per customer specification & also in die-cuts forms.
  • Acrylic Foam Tapes are used for permanent bonding of auto parts, emblem-logo, mirror mounting & accessories.
  • Wire harness Tapes made from cloth or PVC film with different colours.

White Goods & Appliance

SEAON  manufactures wide range of tapes which is used for white goods appliances like Refrigeration, Air conditioner, TV, LED or LCD manufacturers, Washing Machine, Printers, Ovan etc

The Products used for White Goods & Appliance Sector :

  • Aluminium Foil Tapes with & without release paper
  • Holding Tapes (Polyester Film in Blue & Green Colour with printing)
  • Filament Tapes-Mono & Cross Type
  • Masking Tapes-Paper & Film Base
  • Surface Protection Tapes - White / Black / Black & White / Blue / Transparent.
  • Foam Tapes & Die Cuts - (Nitrile / EVA / PE / Neoprene / EPDM / PVC Foam)
  • Double Sided Tapes in Paper, Film & Cloth base.
  • Duct Tapes & Cloth Tapes with different colours.

Electrical & Electronics

Our  range of tapes are used for Electrical & Electronics Insulation, Harnessing, Masking, Heat Transfer, Marking, Bundling & Protection Purpose

The Products used for Electrical & Electronics Sector:

  • PVC Tapes are available with different colors & grades
  • Polyimide Tapes made from Kapton Films
  • Cloth Tapes made from Cotton, Rayon, Nylon, Accessed, Teflon (PTFE), Fiber Glass
  • Thermal conductive tapes with & without glass paper/films
  • Polyester Tapes are available in different colors & Thickness with rubber, acrylic & silicon adhesive.
  • Insulation Tapes made from films and cloth base.

Paper & Printing

We are making single sided & double sided adhesive coated paper / film / cloth / foam for Paper & Printing Industries.

The Products used for Paper & Printing Sector:

  • Double Sided Tissue Tapes are used for paper jointing (splicing) in manufacturing of papers & printing. This tapes is applied for mounting printed posters or labels. We have repulpable tissue tapes specially used for news paper & its printing.
  • Paper Tapes are made from crape & kraft paper for jointing, marking & packing purpose.
  • Double sided Cloth (Plaster tapes)/ Foam/Film Tapes are used for mounting stereo/plates in Flexo/Offset printing.
  • Teflon film Tapes are used in Heat sealing application.

Packing & Security

Seaon Tapes are made with film, paper, cloth & foams are made for heavy duty Packing & Security purpose.

The Products used for Packing & Security Sector:

  • Filament Tapes are available in mono & cross type
  • Paper Tapes made with Kraft, crape paper in different colors. We also have reinforced Kraft paper tapes which is water activated
  • Cloth Tapes (Duct tapes) are used for heavy duty packing
  • Floor Marking Tapes are available with different colors
  • Bopp Film Tapes made with rubber or acrylic adhesives with printing.

Structure Glazing

Seaon  manufacture wide range of tapes which is used for Structure Glazing / Cladding as well as Aluminium Fabrication.

The Products used for Structure Glazing / Cladding and Aluminium Fabrication Sector :

  • Surface Protection Tapes are used for Glass, Metal, & Painted (powder coated or anodized surface) it is available in different colors Transparent, white, Black & Black & White.
  • Spacer Tapes made from special kind of foam coated with strong adhesive which is used for structural glazing.
  • Acrylic Foam Tapes are available in different sizes and are used for mounting Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) glass & Aluminum bodies
  • Masking Tapes used on painted bodies & glass for filling of silicon.
  • Foam Tapes are available with different thickness and are used as a gasket, water proofing or dust proof application.

HVAC / Insulation

SEAON Tapes are used for sealing ventilation ducts, heavy duty packing, jointing and bundling the metal or pastic parts.

The Products used for HVAC / Insulation Sector:

  • Aluminium Foil Tapes used for cold & hot Insulation during ducting.
  • Duct Tapes are available in different colors & adhesive for different temperature.
  • Foam Tapes used as gasket , seals or heat or cold insulation in HVAC, automobile, refrigerator, air-conditioner, electronics appliance and electrical panel industries.
  • Ds Tapes are used for mounting &filling application
  • FSK Foil & Vapor Tapes are made from paper foil & films
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